Worship & Creative Conference 2021

As low as $20.00
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For all disciplines of creativity, from Production to Stage Design, artists and dancers, actors, film makers, storytellers, songwriters, worship leaders, vocalists, camera operators, sound engineers, communications and marketing teams, music managers and all dreamers and doers.

Whether you're after masterclasses or the keynote messages, we've got it all right here. Stories and practical sessions that are both equipping and empowering to upskill you across different creative disciplines.

Hear from Cass & Rich Langton, Taya Gaukrodger, Jonathon Douglass, Ben Fielding, Nigel Hendroff, Annie Garrett, Ben Field, Robert Fergusson and many more!


Includes digital video download of:

  • Keynotes from Bobbie Houston, Cass Langton, Brooke Ligertwood & Jonathon "JD" Douglass
  • Around The World sessions
  • Masterclasses:
    • A Conversation Around Worship with Robert Fergusson
    • Creative Leadership with Rich & Cass Langton
    • Worship, Leading & Vocals
    • Leading, Pastoring & Caring for a Team
    • Creativity For Everyone
    • Worship Leading with Jad Gillies
    • Music Directing with Autumn Starra & Nigel Hendroff
    • Church in The Digital Space with Rob Beach & Brad
    • Ideas & Execution
    • Bass Guitar & Synth Bass
    • Piano For Church
    • The Church Vocalist
    • Drums
    • Tracks with Nigel Hendroff & JP Starra
    • Song Writing with Ben Fielding & Guests
    • Joy in Endurance with Jonathon "JD" Douglass
    • Front Of House Engineering
    • Monitor Mixing
    • Chats with Friends with Jenn Johnson & Erwin McManus
    • Photography & Film
    • Storytelling
    • Visual Direction

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More Information