These Same Skies

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Since the very beginning, God’s glory has been displayed in the heavens—His faithfulness and splendour on parade from the rising of the sun to the place where is sets. These same skies that declare God’s glory day after day and night after night, are the same skies under which Christ Jesus was born, lived, was crucified and rose again in victory.

These same skies the disciples saw the Lord ascend into, are the same ones that Jesus Himself will someday return on. Whether in the northern or southern hemisphere, these same skies unite us, all of God’s children, as many as the stars in the sky, just as the Lord promised Abraham. It is under these same skies that Christ’s church, His body on earth, exists today. Though separated by oceans and borders, the mandate of Hillsong Worship continues under these same skies. One in heart and spirit, unified in mission and cause—to glorify the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to build His Church, and to serve His Church with the new song.

These Same Skies” is the first of a two-album release from Hillsong Worship in 2021/2022. Recorded in California, this album is led by worship leaders Brooke Ligertwood, Reuben Morgan, Joel Houston, Benjamin Hastings, Aodhan King, Chris Davenport, Mikaisha Masella (Mi-kaisha Rose) and Tracy Redfern (Saye Pratt).

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More Information
Genre Praise & Worship
Language English
Artist Hillsong Worship
Publisher Hillsong Music Publishing Australia, Universal Music Publishing Group, Hillsong Music Publishing UK, Capitol CMG Paragon / Writers Roof Publishing (BMI), Bethel Music Publishing (ASCAP), Hillsong MP Songs,
Release Date 2021-11-05