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To Stand Firm | To Hold Fast | To Persevere


STEKO is a well-being programme for children aged 8-12. It has been developed for use in secular and faith-based schools and community organisations. STEKO contains nine, 60-minute lesson plans. Children explore three phenomenal truths: that each one of them is UNIQUE, CAPABLE and GIFTED. These concepts have been chosen to develop the individual child and their sense of belonging in community.


THE STEKO Training Course

The STEKO Training Course is to assist STEKO team members implement the STEKO programme effectively both through the delivery of the content and the design of the teaching and learning activities. The course explores how to:

  • Structure a safe and supportive environment in the learning space where children can flourish in their learning.
  • Value and relate to each child as a unique person with intrinsic worth.
  • Articulate the concepts of the programme clearly and contextualised for the specific cohort of children, and
  • Implement effective teaching and learning strategies (adapted where needed for a specific cohort).
  • The STEKO Training Manual is provided to a person when they attend the course and is included in the course fee.
  • Training delivery: In-class

The course involves both individual and group activities and also provides opportunity for personal reflection. Find out more.

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More Information