ShinHope is available in:

The ShineHope program is a 9-week global education initiative used for the prevention of Human Trafficking and is based on the three foundational concepts of Worth, Strength, and Purpose.

ShineGirl is available in:

ShineGirl is a collection of personal development mentoring tools for girls, designed to develop an understanding of personal worth, strength, and purpose and to help girls realise their full potential.

ShineWomen is available in:

ShineWomen is a solution-focused personal development program that empowers women regardless of their cultural, educational, or socio-economic background. The goal is to help individuals on their journey of discovering their personal value, resilience, and potential.

Strength is available in:

Strength is a unique personal development and group mentoring tool for boys and men, that uses an inspirational, practical, and experiential approach to learning.