On Repeat

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Morning by morning, God extends His mercies to us. The story of God’s redemptive love, from the first verses of Genesis through to the last pages of Revelation, speaks of the relentlessness of God’s mercy. Like the father who ran to his prodigal son, God’s love runs to overtake us, pick us up off the floor and restore us. He’s the God who’s never given up on us. He’s the mercy at midnight, at the darkest times and the kindness of dawn, when we wake to live another day. In John 1, the Bible tells us that Jesus came, “Full of grace and truth” and that “from His fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.” (John 1:14, 16 ESV)

Day after day, we have the choice to praise Him for the breath in our lungs and the open arms of His never-failing love. The journey of faith calls us to recognise the fingerprints of His goodness and grace as He leads us, step by step through this life. When we pause to see His work in our lives, even the seemingly mundane, simple things become a reason to sing His praises at the top of our lungs. “On Repeat” is an expression of remembrance, daily recalling God’s mercy and favour in our lives and intentionally choosing to lift our focus to the heavens, exalting and glorifying the One who has redeemed and restored us; the God who’s never giving up on us.

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More Information
Genre Praise & Worship
Language English
Artist Hillsong UNITED
Publisher Hillsong Music Publishing Australia
Release Date 2022-01-21