Ministry School: Bible

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This Hillsong Ministry School Curriculum is a 7 week short course designed to help participants learn more about how to study the Bible.


The Hillsong Ministry School Curriculum consists of 4 x 7 week short courses, designed to help participants learn more about their faith and how to apply it to everyday life, how to study the Bible, explore theology and become more effective leaders.

Topics covered in Bible - Jesus, The Bible & You include:

  • How to read the Bible devotionally and for study purposes
  • Historical background to the Bible
  • How to use all the bible study tools
  • How to get revelation from the Bible

The Starter Pack includes 10x Student Registrations (1 Handbook per registration) & 1 x Lecture Notes for course facilitator

The Journal includes 1x Student Journal

For a sample of Ministry School - Bible click here

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More Information