Leadership Capacity

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Developed directly from Hillsong Church's staff and leadership meetings, this small group study guide includes a series of messages from Brian Houston intended to help you increase your capacity and realise your potential.

You have an enormous capacity to fulfil God's call on your life. Do you want to grow what you are part of, see your dreams fulfilled and continue to increase your impact and influence for the Kingdom of God? Then you must develop your leadership capacity.

Many people live below their potential, limited by their ability to manage pressures from professional and personal challenges. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a stress-free life! The answer is not to run from stress, but to develop the capacity to handle it. Leadership capacity does not automatically grow over time. You must be intentional about growing it.

Topics include:

  • Growing your leadership capacity

  • Recognising your capacity for risk

  • Distinguishing Stress vs Distress

  • Dealing with wins and losses

  • Navigating negativity

  • Leadership lessons from Jethro and much more.

More Information

More Information
Teaching Formats Study Guide (Paperback)
Author Brian Houston
Language English
Publisher Hillsong Music Australia