How To Maximise Your Life - Hardcover (28 in a box)

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How To Maximise Your Life by Brian Houston


How To Maximise Your Life' is a compiled and revised edition of 'the maximised life series' by Brian Houston. First published as five separate books, this complete collection brings together several biblical truths for living with purpose, building intimate and meaningful relationships and finding the balance to healthy living and wholeness.

Included in this revised edition:

  • How To Live A Blessed Life How To Build Great Relationships
  • How To Flourish In Life How To Make Wise Choices
  • How To Live In Health & Wholeness

You were not only born with divine purpose and destiny but you were also called to live it abundantly. This book is about living your maximised life today!

More Information

More Information
ISBN 9780987122025
Book Format Hardcover (28 in a box)
Author Brian Houston
Number Of Pages 206
Language English
Release Date 2013-07-01
Publisher Hillsong Music Australia