Christmas Wise Guys Curriculum (Digital)


In Christmas Wise Guys Children will learn about the wise men who brought gifts to Jesus. Each gift reminds us about who Jesus was and what was to come. Gold reminds us that Jesus is the King of kings, Frankincense speaks of worship and Myrrh reminds us that Jesus is our Savior. The three themes in Christmas Wise Guys are: Jesus is the king of kings, we worship Jesus and Jesus is the savior. 

Christmas Wise Guys Curriculum



Jesus is the King of kings Children will learn that Mary and Joseph travelled to Bethlehem and Jesus was born in a stable. They'll learn that the the gift of frankincense represents that we can worship Jesus. We honor Jesus when we worship Him.
We worship Jesus Children wil learn that the angels told Mary and Joseph they would have a baby and that the gift of gold represents that Jesus is the King of kings. They'll discover that because of Jesus, we are part of God’s Kingdom.

Jesus is our Savior Children will learn that the shepherds and wise men worshipped Jesus. They'll dicover that Jesus died and rose again so we could be saved. The'yll find that the gift of myrrh represents Jesus' death and resurrection. 
Christmas Wise Guys comes with with:
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  • Small group studies 
  • Brand New Hillsong Kids praise and worship
  • Brand new features like social media content for your church, midweek devotionals families can access from anywhere and for the first time all new additional needs content

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