BiG Supernatural Curriculum

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In Supernatura children will experience a greater understanding of worship as they come to realize the purpose they were created for, a life lived in worship of their saviour Jesus Christ. The three themes in Supernatural are: Extreme Living, Passionate Worship and World Wide Worship.



Extreme Living Children will understand that worship is about our whole life not just singing. They'll learn to honor God in our everyday choices and that God deserves our praise no matter what our circumstances are. They'll discover that God has a great future planned for each of us.

Passionate worship Children will learn that we can come as we are to worship God. They'll understand that worship is about God not what others think of us and that when we let other things become more important than God they can become like an idol in our lives. They'll discover that it is powerful when we worship with others.

Worldwide worship Children will learn how to love God and that God is all about loving people. They'll learn that they can make a difference and that we can honor God by caring for His creation. Lastly, they'll learn that God is the solution to the problem of sin.

Supernatural comes with:

  • 13 Teaching Video Clips and Quiz Review Clips
  • 3 High Retention Bible Memory Verse Video Segments
  • Accompaniment Track Videos with Full Stereo and Split Track Files for Each Video
  • Pre-Service Countdown Video
  • Ministry and Game Time Video
  • Print Material for the 13 Lesson Curriculum
  • Reproducible Leader Guides for Each Lesson
  • Reproducible Small Group Studies (1 per lesson for younger children, 1 per lesson for older children, 1 per lesson for preteens)
  • Graphic Design & Logos
  • Leaders Training Videos

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