BiG Seasons Curriculum

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In Seasons children will discover the basics of christianity and faith, learn about the birth of Jesus through a fun Christmas story /musical and also learn how to honor God with their whole lives as part of a Summer long series. The three main themes of Seasons are: Discovery, Christmas Musical and Summer Adventure. 

Seasons Curriculum



Discovery is a 5 week new Christians learning experience, that takes you through the basics of Christianity

Summer Adventure is a 4 week fun and learning experience for your children during the summer holidays that will teach them about choosing to live a life that honors God.

Christmas Musical is a 4 week learning experience for your children at Jesus' birth, following the Wise Men as they followed the star

Discovery comes with:

  • 13 Teaching Video Clips and Quiz Review Clips
  • 3 High Retention Bible Memory Verse Video Segments
  • Accompaniment Track Videos with Full Stereo and Split Track Files for Each Video
  • Pre-Service Countdown Video
  • Ministry and Game Time Video
  • Print Material for the 13 Lesson Curriculum
  • Reproducible Leader Guides for Each Lesson
  • Reproducible Small Group Studies (1 per lesson for younger children, 1 per lesson for older children, 1 per lesson for preteens)
  • Graphic Design & Logos
  • Leaders Training Videos

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