BiG Faith Hope & Love Curriculum

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In Faith Hope Love children will discover how faith will help them to trust God, how hope always relies on God and how love never fails. The three main themes in Faith Hope Love are Faith Hope and Love.

Also available in 3-week series:

Series 1 - FAITH takes a look at what it means to live with Faith and how we can trust God, how faith defeats fear and that as we trust god, our Faith will Grow. We can see faith in the bible, through the stories of Abraham, when Peter walks on water and when both Jairus and the woman had faith in Jesus for healing.

Series 2 - HOPE shows us that we can always count on God, that our hope in Him is secure like an anchor and that living with this hope brings joy. We can see hope in the bible, like when Jesus taught that we do not need to worry, or the hope Jesus gives us through His resurrection, the same hope that Paul and Silas had in prison.

Series 3 - LOVE shows us that God’s love never fails, He never gives up and that we should love Him with our whole lives, our heart, mind and soul. We can show our love through both our words and our actions. We can see love in the bible, through the stories of Zaccheus, Daniel and the Lions Den and when Jesus Washes the feet of His disciples


Faith Hope Love Curriculum

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