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In Celebrate children will discover the true meaning of Christmas, the importance of observing Easter as a celebration of the resurrection of Christ and what it means to take communion. Included in this special days curriculum is a dedication to both Mother's and Father's Day. The three main themes in Celebrate are: Christmas Mystery, Easter, and Special Days. 

Celebrate Curriculum




CHRISTMAS MYSTERY Children will loo at the Christmas story through the lens of a mystery. Through the mysteries of the messengers, the manger and the star, children learn that Christmas is not just about gifts but about the birth of Jesus, that God is with us and Christmas is a time to worship Him.

EASTER Children will dive into the Easter story and how God showed His love for us through His Son Jesus. Children will learn the story of easter, that it is not about eating chocolate but that it is a time to Worship Jesus and Celebrate that He is risen!

SPECIAL DAYS takes time to celebrate mothers, fathers, uncles, aunties, grandparents and role models on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We also take time to honor Jesus by learning about communion and taking it together as we Celebrate Him.

Celebrate comes with:

  • 9 lessons of BiG message video teachings
  • BiG quiz segments
  • BiG word interactive memory verse songs
  • praise and worship accompaniment tracks
  • service countdown, game and ministry time segments
  • customisable print material.

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