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Hillsong Kids has a very unique and effective approach to ministering with children. We're not just another publishing company with an interest in the status quo, but rather we have experienced kids pastors from our local church create resources that will help you in your ministry as well!
You'll get a complete worship service for kids - everything you need for weekend planning, there are no upgrades, no requirement to purchase other resources or additional products. It’s loaded with value and you’ll save money on printed material because with the BiG Curriculum you only print what you need.
BiG is a children's ministry program that can be used in any setting with kids. The flexibility of the contents and theme makes it easy to customize for your needs, no matter what they are or how many kids you have. Weekend Church services, outreach programs, midweek services, school Holiday programs or VBS, you're in charge. 
We are committed to representing our global church family. Every week we want kids to hear different accents from around the world and see themselves up on the screen.  
A streaming app? Yes! You would like to download the content? Yes! We will give it to you the way you want it! Simple to use and easy to understand for both you and your leaders.
We understand the challenge it can be to connect with parents midweek and even though we include activity sheets we are upping and game and partnering with YouVersion's bible app to provide mid-week devotional content for every season 4 curriculum.
We understand that children with additional needs might need some adjustments to be able to engage with the lesson. We want to make learning about Jesus accessible for all children. That's why from season 4 onwards we include content for you to support children with additional needs either one-on-one within your programs or if you have a dedicated additional needs program. 
Access to the huge library of music coming out of Hillsong Church. We pair songs with themes so your children will be singing what they are learning!
Church is to be enjoyed not endured and with Hillsong Kids BiG you’ll have children coming back for more because they will love it -- we take laughter seriously! Hillsong Kids BiG is filmed and produced using state of the art production and creative programming. Every element is outstanding and your children and leaders will love it.


BiG is the best! It’s culturally current and biblically sound! If you want a curriculum where kids will learn and laugh at the same time, buy Big! (I’m also a big fan of the people who make this, they rock too!)
Jim Wideman
Jim Wideman Ministries
Nashville, TN
This year we started using the BiG Season 2 Curriculum from Hillsong and it is really serving our kids well – thank you for all the effort that your church puts into developing excellent material!
Children’s Ministry Coordinator - Emmanuel Church
Windhoek, Namibia
We love BiG! We are using it for our Wednesday night discipleship and our kids love it! Their favourite time is actually breaking up into their KDG’s! We are using Follow You right now, and are gonna give Supernatural a try this weekend for 5 weeks. You and your team have been an inspiration to ours! You have really helped us raise our ministry thanks!
John Enright
Center Point Church
North Richland Hills, Texas
WOW! You get a lot for the money!!! It really is BIG! The videos are produced very well too! Congrats to the Hillsong Kids team for making a high-quality product! (but would we expect anything else? lol) Our kids loved it too…I would highly recommend Hillsong Kids BIG to any church that is interested in using quality media-driven children’s curriculum at a good cost. Thanks MUCHO to the Hillsong Kids team! You are all wonderful!
Joe McAlpine
Family Pastor - Praise Christian Center
Beaumont, Texas
As you recommended, I did purchase the 2 curriculums in the conference – BIG (Tell the world) & BIG (Supernatural). We started using it in our church from this month onward. Kids are loving it!!! Just thought of sending across to you our love and appreciation for making this beautiful curriculum.
Pastor Danny
Bethel AG International Worship Centre
Bangalore, India
I’ve used the best video curriculum out there and I think that your work on the BIG project was the most impactful that I’ve ever used! Great job, and thank you.
Keith Cross
Christian Embassy International Church
Chesapeake, VA
…a quick note to tell you and your team how blessed we are to be using the Hillsong Kids Big curriculum. It’s such an excellent teaching resource. Our leaders have really enjoyed getting into the lessons and have found that it’s engaging, not only for them but the kids as well. We love the ease of the layout and the excellent print materials.
Christy O’Connor
Director - BarefootKids
I have the Big Curriculum which I’ve used in a couple of holiday clubs – FANTASTIC!! Do you know, it is so spot on. I can’t tell you how relevant it has been to our children’s and leader’s lives. Thank you!
Del Solway
Bethel Christian Centre
We just finished BIG and one of the highlights for our kids was “Funny Man Dan” We took a survey as to what they loved about BIG: #1 was the praise and worship, #2 was Funny Man Dan. You guys nailed it and we can’t wait for the next one to come out. If you ever happen to be in Lousianna, we’ll bless you and have a BIG plate of crawfish waiting for you! You’re appreciated because what you do connects with the kids and is real ministry. You helped make BIG “cool” for our kids. That helped them open their hearts for Jesus during the teaching and ministry time. 
Tim Carpenter
BiG is by far my favourite curriculum. Its ability to be culturally relevant and cool is what sets it apart. When using it I always know my lost kids and my older kids will love it.
Dustin Aagaard
Fellowship Orlando
…Just [wanted] to give feedback on the Hillsong Kids BiG resource – we have been using it for most of last year and just purchased your new one (Follow You). We love it and the kids love it! The personalities, music and teaching are great. We have been really impressed with the quality, the humour and most of all the teaching … just wanted to say ‘thanks’ and how much we and the kids are getting out of it.
Cherie & Nigel Cooper
C3 Church Salisbury
Salisbury East SA
Tell The World was really good, but Follow You is even better. The videos were better—funny, entertaining, full of the Word. My children literally came home every weekend repeating lines from the videos and doing the actions to the BiG Word. Speaking of BiG Word—I love that they are longer. You can tell that they are really trying to challenge kids with memorizing the Word…I’m a huge fan of the local church and local church resources. The problem is they can be either hit or miss. Hillsong Kids’ Follow You is a huge HIT!
Justyn Smith
The Church at South Las Vegas
BiG is a huge success. I love this curriculum and it is superior to anything I have encountered thus far in my years in children's ministry. We have used several other curriculums, but have also written our own stuff. Our own stuff is usually best for us because it fits our programming – however, we are lacking in two areas: quality video content and original music. This is where Hillsong excels. The videos are wonderful, professional, engaging and superior to other video content I’ve seen – they relate directly to all the elements in the experience. I really couldn't be happier with the way things are going.
Robyn Blaikie Collin
Long Hollow Baptist Church
Hendersonville, Tennessee

Find everything you need to run a successful, fun, spirit-filled & faith-building children’s ministry

BiG+ hosts over 3 years' worth of curriculum, along with dynamic music from Hillsong Kids, training by Hillsong Kids Pastors, print material for each lesson & much more.

BiG+ App

BiG+ has been developed to help equip and build your children’s ministry in leading children to Jesus.

  • Lessons updated weekly, so you'll always have plenty of new content. Each lesson is comprised of multimedia and printable activities for 1-5 and 6-12 year olds.
  • Curated music library from Hillsong Kids, including lyric videos, music videos, and live recordings.
  • Training videos for you and your team.
  • Access to printable activity sheets, leaders guides, banners, flyers, signage, and much more!
  • Support simultaneous streaming up to 3 devices. 
  • BiG+ app is available only on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.


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Discover who God says you are!

Includes three lessons where we discover God's word and can boldly declare: 
I am chosen, I am not alone and I am a child of God.

Includes three lessons where we discover God's word and can boldly declare:
I am forgiven, I am free, and I am found.

Includes three lessons where we discover God's word and can boldly declare:
I am a new creation, I am alive with Christ, and I am God's workmanship.


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What's New In Season 3?

Don't get left behind! Our latest curriculum come with new media, new print material, new segments, new games!

Leading Your Best Kids Discipleship Group

Small groups (KDGs - Kids Discpleship Groups) are the cornerstone of our weekend church services at Hillsong Kids.

Faith, Hope, Love DVD (Hillsong Kids BiG Curriculum)

A walk-through with Dave Wakerley from Hillsong Kids (for Primary and Elementary Age).

Faith, Hope, Love DVD (Hillsong Kids BiG Jr. Curriculum)

A walk-through with Dave Wakerley from Hillsong Kids.

Purchase a digital download of BiG Curriculum Season 1 and Season 2 & receive Season 3 for FREE

Find everything you need to run a successful, fun, spirit-filled & faith-building children’s ministry

BiG+ hosts over 3 years' worth of curriculum, along with dynamic music from Hillsong Kids, training by Hillsong Kids Pastors, print material for each lesson & much more.

Use code 'CPC2150' and get 50% off your first 3 months.

What A Beautiful Name Story Book by Brooke & Scott Ligertwood and Ben & Karalee Fielding

Explore the beautiful name of Jesus with your children. Purchase a copy & receive If Only You Knew Paperback by David Wakerley.

What a Beautiful Name Story Book

Oliver and Leo are a courageous pair of best buddies, full of good ideas and always ready for their next great escapade. Building a rocket and shooting off into outer space is just a regular Monday in Oliver’s’ world… 

But this particular Monday they venture across land, sky and sea on a mission to discover an elusive name – the Name above all Names.

If Only You Knew

You are a missionary into the world of children. You're stepping into an unknown culture with its own language and customs to bring the eternal message of Jesus. If Jesus admonished the disciples when they kept the children from Him, how He must love those who bring the little ones to Him. This book is written as a reminder to those who have served children for a while, to take a step back and don't forget why you are called to this'. It's also for those about to step into the unknown, this is a ministry too vital to be ignored with an influence that is eternal.

Story Book + Kids Tee Bundle

Remind your kids that He has no rival in this comfy tee celebrating the song What a Beautiful Name.

Piano Reflections Vol. 5 & 6

Collection of spacious and relaxing sounds of the piano, beautifully recorded and arranged for personal times of prayer and reflection. Featuring some of the most loved Hillsong songs, such as “King of Kings”, “Who You Say I Am”, “So Will I (100 Billion X)”, “Good Grace” and “What a Beautiful Name”