The Little Green Book: Be the Change in Your Community - 500 Ways to Impact Your Local World

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The Little Green Book: Be the Change in Your Community - 500 Ways to Impact Your Local World by the Colour Sisterhood


When we sat down to put this list together we thought it would be quite a challenge… 500 practical ideas to help positively change our community seemed like a lot! We were surprised, however, by just how easy it was. As we thought about all the areas of need within our community, the list of ideas began to grow – and to grow exponentially. In fact, we discovered that the most challenging part of this process was realising that we were not always doing these things ourselves.

Inside these pages, you will find some very creative (and some very obvious) ideas to both addresses the needs of vulnerable groups within your community; but also to build a strong community in practical ways. Perhaps these lists will spark lots of ideas, or perhaps you will be struck by just one thing. Regardless, we believe that just ‘one thing’ could make an immense difference to the ‘one person' in your world. No doubt there are hundreds of more ways that such change could be outworked – our hope is that you’ll become inspired to do SOMETHING.

The Colour Sisterhood has always been about championing everyday girls to be the change in their world. We pray that this book doesn’t just sit on the shelf gathering dust but instead finds its way into the hands of people who want to roll their sleeves up and engage their community and neighbourhoods in a new way.

Our challenge to you (and to ourselves!) is simply to allow this list to be the first building block for you as an individual, as a family and as a church, to BE THE CHANGE.

Love Bobbie Houston
and the Colour Sisterhood Team

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More Information
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