Are We There Yet?

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There are times in life where we don’t even have the breath to whisper, spun into a cruel chaos winding the life from within us. There are times in life where it’s easy to look around and shout our gratitude and declare that God is good and there are times in life where both realities co-exist.

Life is beautifully plaited with light and dark and grey. But through it all, we are still here, hanging onto the promise we read of in Philippians, that He who began a good work in us will complete it!

Our latest album, “Are We There Yet?” is a collection of songs about journey – exploring the challenges, heartache, and magnificence of this life of faith. In the two years it took to create this album, we found ourselves asking a lot of questions. Many of which we may never have answers to this side of eternity. But we did find ourselves pausing in His presence. Stopping to find our voices again so we could have the breath to utter something, anything, to a God worthy of surrendered worship.

This album was crafted from deep places during a time where everything was threatened and
shaken. A time that so loudly reminded us that what remains solid to its very core, is Jesus and the life we have in Him and through Him. We poured over songs like “What Love Is (Because You Died)”’ that proclaims the miracle of a life restored in God’s grace, and “Blown Away” that recounts the divine passion story of Jesus. The last song we finished was “Days Like These” and in parentheses, “(TRUST U)” before we even knew what that fully meant for us personally. One of the resurfacing prayers we prayed during this time was one for joy – the kind of joy God promises. “Are We There Yet?” aims to resuscitate lives on the brink; reminding us that God hasn’t changed, His Word hasn’t changed, and that there’s an exciting, unchartered world of possibility out there—let’s run this race till the day we finish in glory.

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More Information
Language English
Artist Hillsong UNITED
Publisher Hillsong Music Publishing Australia
Release Date 2022-04-29